Web Fonts for Higher Quality UI Icons

Serve better icons for high screen reolution with Web Font. This demo shows how we add the icons within the document and via the Pseudo-elements.

Using @font-face Rule

ul.icon-font {
	font-family: WebSymbolsRegular;
	font-size: 12pt;

Using Pseudo-elements

ul.icon-font.pseudo li:before {
	font-family: WebSymbolsRegular;
	margin-right: 5px;
ul.icon-font.pseudo li:nth-child(1):before {
	content: "h";
ul.icon-font.pseudo li:nth-child(2):before {
	content: "i";
ul.icon-font.pseudo li:nth-child(3):before {
	content: "j";
ul.icon-font.pseudo li:nth-child(4):before {
	content: "A";
ul.icon-font.pseudo li:nth-child(5):before {
	content: "I";

Embeding Private Unicode

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